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Ageas federal life insurance launches golden years pension plan with bluechip pension fund, featuring early investment booster and guaranteed loyalty booster


Ageas Federal Life Insurance has unveiled its latest offering, the Ageas Federal Life Insurance Golden Years Pension Plan, featuring the Bluechip Pension Fund. This comprehensive plan aims to secure policyholders’ financial futures, ensuring a secure and enjoyable retirement.

Key features

  • Unit linked individual pension plan (ULIP): Returns are based on the performance of the Bluechip Pension Fund.
  • Non-participating plan: Policyholders do not share in the insurer’s profits but are protected from losses beyond their invested amount.
  • Early investment booster: Offers extra allocations for individuals aged 18-35 to encourage early retirement planning.
  • Golden waiver of premium: Ensures continued retirement savings for beneficiaries if the policyholder passes away.
  • Classic Option: Entry ages range from 18 to 70 years.
  • Golden Waiver of Premium Option: Entry ages up to 60 years.

Bluechip pension fund highlights

  • Focus on listed equities: Aims for robust returns through investments in established and emerging bluechip stocks.
  • Diversification: Spreads risk across various sectors, providing a reliable option for securing a prosperous retirement.
  • Guaranteed loyalty booster: Increases annually with timely premium payments and an active policy status.
  • Refund of Premium Allocation Charges: Enhances the plan’s value.
  • Death Benefit: Beneficiaries receive 105% of the total premiums paid, with future premiums waived under the Golden Waiver of Premium Option.

The Bluechip Pension Fund is launching with a flat net asset value (NAV) of ₹10 per unit for a limited time. The fund will invest in equities, reverse repos, treasury bills, and mutual funds, aiming for stable returns through active management and diversification.

With the Ageas Federal Life Insurance Golden Years Pension Plan, policyholders can look forward to a secure and enjoyable retirement. The plan is designed to redefine retirement as a period of freedom and enjoyment, empowering policyholders to embrace their golden years with confidence and ensuring a brighter and more secure future.

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