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Bingelife: A Culinary Odyssey Through India’s Hidden Gems


Since 2018, Bingelife, a digital platform founded by Pratiksha Jaiswal, has been transforming viewers into explorers, guiding them through the diverse culinary landscapes of India. Pratiksha, an MBA graduate with a deep love for food and travel, has turned her passion into a thriving business that showcases hidden gems and captivating stories from across the country.

What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a full-fledged venture, fueled by Pratiksha’s enthusiasm for self-expression and commitment to authenticity. Her vivid storytelling and candid interactions have resonated with her audience, allowing them to experience destinations through her explorative lens and relatable content.

Bingelife’s success has led to collaborations with renowned brands such as Lays, MG Motors, and Zomato. Pratiksha’s insights into Nagpur’s diverse food culture even earned her an invitation from the honourable Mr Nitin Gadkari, while Persistent Nagpur celebrated her contributions on International Women’s Day.

The lockdown proved to be a game-changer for Bingelife, as Pratiksha’s culinary talents took center stage. Adapting to the challenging times, she learned and shared new recipes, which went viral on Instagram. This sparked a delightful exchange with her followers, who eagerly awaited her latest culinary secrets. Comments like “Add a little water…that was the punchline to the chilli paneer Maggi” and appreciation for her health-conscious approach highlight the warm and engaging community Pratiksha has cultivated.

Bingelife’s exploration goes beyond the culinary, delving into the history and heart of each destination. Pratiksha’s content serves as a gateway to unseen corners and untold stories, turning each location’s narrative into a shared journey with her audience. Whether celebrating local festivals or uncovering the everyday charm of nearby cities, her cheerful and captivating voiceovers bring these stories to life.

As Bingelife continues to grow, Pratiksha remains a pioneer in her field, embodying the spirit of exploration and the joy of sharing it with the world. Her journey demonstrates that one’s origins do not define their potential; rather, it is the stories we choose to tell and the passion with which we tell them that truly matter.

Through Bingelife, Pratiksha Jaiswal has created a platform that not only satisfies our culinary curiosity but also connects us with the rich tapestry of India’s diverse locales. As she continues to uncover hidden gems and share captivating stories, her audience eagerly awaits the next chapter in this delightful culinary odyssey.

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