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Check out a comparative analysis of birth rates of 1960 and 2021 in India and other major countries


Birth rate, referred to as the crude birth rate, is a demographic indicator that quantifies the quantity of live births per 1,000 people in a given population over a specified timeframe, typically a year.

In 1960, India had a relatively high birth rate of 42.5 live births per 1000 individuals. During the same period, Canada, the US, China, France, Italy, the UK, Germany, and Japan showed birth rates ranging from 26.7 to 17.2.

However, the global birth rate landscape underwent a significant transformation by 2021. India’s birth rate declined to 16.4, indicating a substantial reduction in population growth. Similarly, Canada, the US, China, France, Italy, the UK, Germany, and Japan all experienced declining birth rates, ranging from 11 to 6.6 live births per 1000 people.

As per the World of Statistics, the report suggests –

Birth rate (per 1000 people):


India: 42.5
Canada: 26.7
US: 24
China: 20.8
France: 18.7
Italy: 18.1
UK: 17.5
Germany: 17.3
Japan: 17.2

India: 16.4
Canada: 9.6
US: 11
China: 7.5
France: 10.9
Italy: 6.8
UK: 10.1
Germany: 9.6
Japan: 6.6

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