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Generative AI and Automation: It’s a new era of business intelligence


By Ankur Kothari, Co-founder, Chief Customer and Strategy Officer, Automation Anywhere

The evolution of AI models has accelerated at a rapid pace, and this is predicted to reshape industries and the nature of monotonous jobs. In its more advanced iterations, generative AI is being combined with automation to enable large-scale process efficiency – right now people are using generative AI to produce an email from a single prompt. When combined with automation, in one click – or even without – the system will be able to know when an email is needed, generate it directly from customer context pulling in other relevant data, and send it out with minimal human intervention. Similarly, financial services firms can use generative AI with automation to suggest both a personalized financial advice based on their own models and to automate the implementation of that plan. Quite simply, automation helps realize the potential of generative AI by plugging it into enterprise processes and putting its suggestions into action.

This means that generative AI is not just revolutionizing how we work but, from a business perspective, it is further solidifying our move into the Automation Economy. This is a moment of radical shift where organizations in every industry are adopting automation as a foundational technology that runs across their entire business. In fact, by 2030 automation is predicted to have a combined global impact value of USD 15 trillion.

By combining the power of automation and generative AI, we can catapult businesses into new levels of competitive advantage through technology, as it builds upon the promise of generative AI with the help of well-established patterns of how automation is already being used for business growth and efficiency.

There are three main usage categories in which automation and generative AI converge to revolutionize work:

  1. Extracting and Operating on Complex data: Expanding the universe of automation

The greatest promise of generative AI and automation is in elevating the role of human workers to higher-value tasks that require human ingenuity and creativity. While there are already multiple processes that can be completely or partially automated with the help of platform automation tools, generative AI can help these platforms extract complex unstructured data on which they can then operate on. This spans the gamut from extracting specific info from documents with varying formats and types to generating personalized content to speed up communications at scale.

  1. User-Assistive Automation: Creating powerful automation assistants

Today, Automation assistants from leading automation platforms can be embedded into many applications, providing in-context actions for users. With generative AI, such automation assistants can also summarize key information and generate natural language responses while automating tasks across the enterprise.

  1. An Automation Interface: Delivering more dynamic business experiences

Chat-based AI experiences can dynamically interact with other systems to complete tasks and retrieve data. However, for these models to be effective, they must be connected to an automation platform that can apply business rules, process information, and go across systems of record. With the power of automation behind it, AI could become the primary interface for every employee, enabling them to work more efficiently and at higher quality.

Cloud adds a silver lining to Generative AI and Automation

Generative AI is only one aspect of the potential that AI holds for enterprise automation. To make full use of it and to gain the most efficiency, this is a clear call for businesses to adopt a cloud-native AI automation strategy. It lets them take advantage of the cloud’s scalability and flexibility while leveraging advancements in AI technology.

By adopting cloud-native architecture, enterprises can take advantage of the full power of the cloud, delivering faster time to market, increased scalability, improved flexibility, and better consumer experiences while reducing costs. Cloud-native AI automation can enable customized network operations and provide more accurate data insights, helping organizations make better decisions.

When combined, the promise of these technologies rises exponentially, and so does business impact. The world of business is moving decidedly in the direction of the automation economy and as AI’s value is unlocked in newer ways, it is time for every business leader to take strategic action in line with this shift.

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