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Good bye Internet Explorer: Microsoft’s to retire it’s iconic web browser after 27 years of service


Microsoft has warned that on June 15th the company will be retiring its 27-year old browser, Internet Explorer. They have been issuing warnings to people and organizations still relying on the service and a similar warning was issued in March to0.

The Internet Explorer application was first released as an add-on for Windows 95 in 1995. However, it was later included with the operating system for free.

Here’s why ‘Internet Explorer’ the browser is being killed?

Perhaps the most significant reason for its decline is a decrease in its user base. Even though it was once at 95% market share in 2003, it could no longer maintain that as usage declined drastically after Firefox and Google Chrome came into the existence.

The competitor web browsers offered better user interfaces, faster internet speeds, and smoother performance than the Internet Explorer browser and now it resulted into retirement of Microsoft’s longest living browser.

As Internet Explorer was declining, Microsoft moved ahead with Edge browser for its users.

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