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Interval Learning Platform: Revolutionizing Personalized Education Globally


Interval Learning Platform, founded in 2018 by five passionate educators from Kerala, India, has quickly become the world’s fastest-growing individual learning platform. The company has transformed the online tutoring landscape by providing high-quality, personalized education to students in over 30 cities and 54 countries.

The platform’s success lies in its unique approach to learning, which includes one-on-one interactive sessions tailored to each student’s specific needs. Interval’s in-house team conducts comprehensive assessment tests to evaluate students’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles, enabling them to design personalized learning plans that ensure complete mastery of concepts.

Ramees Ali, CEO of Interval, emphasizes the company’s mission: “We started Interval with a simple belief – that every child deserves access to quality, personalised education. Our focus is not just on academic achievement but also on creating a positive learning experience that empowers and motivates students.”

Interval Learning Platform caters to children from Kindergarten to Grade 12, offering year-long scheduled tuition sessions and specialized courses for exams. The platform fosters student engagement through easy-to-follow individual sessions with qualified trainers, personalized study materials, assignments, and ongoing support. This interactive approach builds strong student-tutor relationships, making learning enjoyable and effective.

The company also provides scholarships to academically outstanding students and places a strong emphasis on social impact, with 93% of its staff being female. Interval’s success is attributed to its focus on helping students reach their full potential through customizable tuition plans, free demo sessions, and readily available study resources. With its innovative approach to education, Interval Learning Platform has rapidly gained popularity throughout India and the GCC region.

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