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New Haridwar Enterprise Offers Innovative Services to Pilgrims and Locals


A new company in the holy city of Haridwar is aiming to revolutionize daily life for both pilgrims and residents. Lata Enterprises, founded in August 2022 by Anjali Sharma, has launched a unique business model combining practical services with professional development opportunities.

The company’s primary offering is a partnership with Tumbledry, a national laundry and dry-cleaning chain known for its eco-friendly practices and state-of-the-art equipment. Haridwar residents can now access these services with introductory discounts.

In an unexpected twist, Lata Enterprises has also teamed up with Expertrons, an AI-powered career development platform. This collaboration aims to provide upskilling and job placement services to locals, with Expertrons boasting a 94% placement rate across various industries.

Environmental concerns haven’t been overlooked. The company has partnered with Go Waterless, an innovative car wash service that uses plant-based cleaning solutions, eliminating water waste while protecting vehicles.

“We’re proud to offer services that not only make life more convenient but also contribute to personal and professional growth,” said Sharma. “Our goal is to address multiple needs within our community.”

This multi-faceted approach sets Lata Enterprises apart in the competitive service industry. As the company continues to expand its offerings, it may well reshape the landscape of both pilgrim services and local business in Haridwar.

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