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Pakistani woman’s illegal journey to India sparks investigation by UP ATS


The case of Seema Ghulam Haider, a Pakistani woman who crossed illegally into India to marry her Indian lover, has taken a new turn as the Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh (UP ATS) initiates an investigation.

Seema Haider’s route from Pakistan to India via Dubai and Nepal raises security concerns, prompting the UP ATS to delve into her travel history and family background. She and her boyfriend, Sachin, were previously arrested for entering India without a valid visa but were released on bail and now reside in Noida.

Seema Haider claims to have converted to Hinduism and seeks to marry Sachin and remain in India. Her actions have estranged her from her Pakistani family, who disapprove of her defiance of societal norms.

Meanwhile, threats targeting places of worship within the community have prompted the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan to urge prompt investigation by the Sindh Home Department.

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