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Pioneering Centre of Excellence Launched to Integrate Yoga and Soft Skills in Indian Education


Tantalum Academy, S-VYASA University, and Athvie Innovation Private Limited have launched a groundbreaking Centre of Excellence (COE) aimed at transforming Indian education. The initiative will integrate Yoga and Soft Skills into school and college curricula using an innovative approach based on games and storytelling.

The COE will develop two course series: ‘Achieve’ for colleges and ‘Imperium 361′ for schools. These programs will focus on cultivating 21 key soft skills, including emotional intelligence, stress management, and leadership, alongside traditional yoga practices.

Dr. Ramachandra G. Bhat, Vice-Chancellor of S-VYASA University, stated, “We believe integrating yoga with soft skills will significantly benefit students’ overall development.”

This initiative addresses growing concerns about mental health among students, with the World Health Organization reporting that 20% of adolescents experience conditions like anxiety and stress.

The COE will conduct ongoing research and publish findings to promote wider adoption of these practices in educational institutions. This collaborative effort represents a significant step towards blending traditional knowledge with modern skills in Indian education, potentially impacting thousands of students positively.

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