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“Pseudo Ecotourism: A Call for Sustainable and Inclusive Nature Exploration”


Arnab Basu, a sustainability consultant and environmental writer with over two decades of experience, has recently published his book “Pseudo Ecotourism.” The book is a memoir themed on sustainability and ecotourism, drawing from Basu’s experiences as a nature explorer in the tiger range countries of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.

In his book, Basu emphasizes the need for a shift from single species-oriented ecotourism and wildlife photography towards a more inclusive approach. He shares personal stories and anecdotes, highlighting the correlation between these hobbies and sustainability.

Basu introduces the concept of “inclusive ecotourism” as an alternative to “pseudo-ecotourism.” He believes that ordinary individuals who engage in ecotourism and wildlife photography play a crucial role in promoting nature-based solutions, even if they are not wildlife experts.

Through his book, Basu appeals to readers to embrace an inclusive ecotourism approach, where every human and non-human life form is given equal importance. He stresses the need to discard pseudo-ecotourism and work together to save the planet by recognizing the solutions hidden within nature itself.

“Pseudo Ecotourism” is available on Amazon, and more information about the author can be found on his blog at

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