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Sberbank unveils AI-driven Development Strategy 2026


Sberbank presented its 2026 Development Strategy during Investor Day, where the team reviewed the results of the company’s 2021-2023 Strategy. The new strategy cycle focuses on shaping Sber’s long-term vision, with a special focus on technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI).

Sber aims to become a human-centric organization, with AI serving as a personal assistant to expand people’s capabilities and free them from routine activities. The financial goals of Strategy 2026 include a return on equity of over 22% each year, a total capital adequacy ratio of over 13.3%, and dividend disbursements of 50% of the Sber Group’s net profit.

The team has provided resilience and innovative development by ensuring technological independence and achieving a breakthrough in AI transformation. Sber’s retail customer base grew by 10 million to 108 million, while it picked up 500,000 new corporate clients to reach a total of 3.2 million as a result of the 2021-2023 strategy.

Sber will spend the next three years preparing for the transition to a human-centric organization, which will impact technology, the business model, and culture.

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