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Shark Tank’s All-Time Best Sellers: New Entrants and the Return to Basics


ABC’s “Shark Tank,” now in its 15th season, has become a breeding ground for entrepreneurial success, transforming inventors into millionaires and offering lucrative opportunities for the investment-savvy “sharks.” The show’s 20 top-selling products were exclusively disclosed by USA TODAY in 2019, and now, three new products have ascended to the top 10 list, reshaping the landscape of success stories.

Dude Wipes, a masculine take on wet wipes, secured its place with an impressive $341 million in sales, while PRx Performance, specializing in home exercise equipment racks, boasts a significant $200 million in sales. Both products made their mark during Season 7, showcasing the enduring impact of the “Shark Tank” platform.

A fresh face on the list is Blueland, a pioneer in refillable cleaning products, having garnered investor attention in Season 11. As these newcomers rise, Bombas socks maintain their reign as the ultimate “Shark Tank” success story, amassing an astounding $1.3 billion in sales.

This season, the show witnesses a return to its roots, emphasizing simplicity and a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. Barbara Corcoran, one of the seasoned sharks, notes the shift, stating that entrepreneurs now display a more authentic and relatable profile. The era of affluent individuals with familial financial backing has given way to a new wave of aspiring entrepreneurs, echoing the sentiments of a broader audience.

Corcoran observes a fundamental question consistently posed to entrepreneurs: “Why do you need a shark?” The answers, she notes, often lack substance, raising the question of whether some contestants are more interested in leveraging the show for free publicity than seeking strategic partnerships. With over 4 million weekly viewers on ABC alone, a “Shark Tank” appearance has the potential to catapult sales and garner widespread attention.

In this evolving landscape, the sharks emphasize the importance of a genuine need for their involvement. Corcoran questions the rationale behind investing time and resources if entrepreneurs cannot articulate how the sharks can genuinely assist them.

As “Shark Tank” navigates its 15th season, the new top 10 products, ranked by cumulative retail sales as of May 2023, reflect the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship and consumer preferences:

1. Bombas socks – $1.3 billion
2. Everlywell at-home health test kits – $1.1 billion
3. Scrub Daddy sponges – $926 million
4. The Bouqs floral delivery service – $640 million
5. Cousins Maine Lobster food trucks – $585 million
6. The Comfy wearable blankets – $550 million
7. Dude Wipes – $341 million*
8. Tipsy Elves “ugly” Christmas sweaters – $317 million
9. Lovepop 3-D greeting cards – $304 million
10. Squatty Potty toilet seats – $260 million

As the show continues to provide a platform for innovation and investment, the ever-expanding list of success stories underscores the enduring appeal of “Shark Tank” in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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