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“The Marble Marvel”: A stunning example of luxury home design by Studio Namah


In Borivali West, a new home aptly named “The Marble Marvel” showcases how design can transform a space into a luxurious haven. Created by Studio Namah for a diamond merchant homeowner with a love for natural stones, the 200-square-meter home features a variety of exotic stones from Royale Impex’s Royale and Earth collections.

The central theme of the project revolves around the homeowner’s fascination with natural stones. Studio Namah incorporated stunning marble from Royale Impex in key areas like the living and dining spaces, creating a sense of grandeur. To complement the natural stones, gold-finished accents were added to kitchen cabinets, furniture legs, and a dresser in the master bedroom.

The home features several striking elements, including a black fluted marble wall with stark white doors at the entrance, a living room with custom furniture set against Brazilian stone, and a kitchen and dining area with a green exotic stone and Patagonia countertop. The master bedroom showcases a pillar covered in gold metal mesh and exotic stone, while the parents’ room offers a timeless beauty with traditional mouldings. The children’s room encourages play with its open central space and bunk bed with a basketball hoop.

The bedroom lobby, designed to resemble an art gallery, adds a touch of refinement and artistic flair to the home. The design team’s biggest challenge was combining several kinds of marble without overpowering one another, which they successfully achieved using Royale Impex’s diverse marble collection.

Royale Impex, a trustworthy name in the marble industry for over 25 years, specializes in exotic natural stones and stunning white marble. Their factory in Silvassa houses more than 300 varieties of colours in natural stones from over 25 countries worldwide.

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