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Top 5 Best Cashmere Sweaters of 2023


When it comes to winter fashion, achieving the perfect balance of comfort and luxury can be a challenge. However, according to Mira Fain, senior vice president of design at Lilly Pulitzer, cashmere emerges as the ideal solution, seamlessly blending practicality with style. Fain emphasizes that cashmere’s lightweight yet insulated composition allows for fashionable winter looks without the need for bulky layers.

Thanks to its breathability and soft finish, cashmere provides the flexibility to be worn without an under layer. Reiss North America’s visual merchandising manager, Antony Collins, suggests effortless winter outfits, pairing cashmere with loose-fitting wide-leg trousers and sneakers for a relaxed feel or flared jeans and a simple heel for a more elevated look, both topped with a long wool coat.

As the cornerstone of a cold-weather capsule wardrobe, cashmere sweaters offer timeless elegance. Below, explore a curated selection of the best cashmere sweaters of 2023.

1. Reiss Fitted Cashmere Roll Neck Top – Best Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater

Price: $330 at Reiss
Sizes: XS–L
Colors: Camel, Gray, Black
Reiss’ fitted cashmere roll neck top is a staple that deserves a prime spot in your closet. Versatile and accessible, it pairs seamlessly with high-waisted jeans, a sleek black leather blazer, and heeled boots for a chic ensemble.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Bedford Cashmere V-Neck Sweater – Best V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

Price: $318 at Lilly Pulitzer
Sizes: XXS–XL
Color: White
Fain recommends Lilly Pulitzer’s Bedford Cashmere V-Neck Sweater for infusing warmth and luxury with signature designs and colors. This versatile layering piece complements a button-down shirt with the collar peeking out for added style.

3. Autumn Cashmere Fair Isle Crew Cashmere Sweater – Best Fair Isle Cashmere Sweater

Price: $340 at Shopbop
Sizes: XS–L
Colors: Multi-colored
Embrace the quintessential Fair Isle pattern with Autumn Cashmere’s Crew Cashmere Sweater. The neutral-toned blend of warm hues creates a stylish and cozy look, perfect for fall and winter fashion.

4. Guest in Residence Grizzly V Neck Cashmere Sweater – Best Everyday Cashmere Sweater

Price: $545 at Shopbop
Sizes: XXS–XXL
Color: Cream
Consider the Grizzly V Neck Cashmere Sweater by Guest in Residence as a versatile wardrobe investment. Suitable for almost any occasion, dress it up with a silk slip skirt and heels or down with jeans and sneakers.

5. Reformation Garrett Turtleneck Recycled Cashmere Blend Crop Sweater – Best Cropped Cashmere Sweater

Price: $278 at Nordstrom
Sizes: XS–XL
Color: Gray
For winter nights out, the Garrett Turtleneck Recycled Cashmere Blend Crop Sweater from Reformation offers a cozy and stylish solution. Paired with a simple coat, it strikes the perfect balance between warmth and fashion.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with these carefully selected cashmere sweaters that embody the essence of comfort and luxury without compromising on style.

Disclaimer: Product prices, availability, and details are subject to change. Readers are advised to verify information before making a purchase.

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