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Aachho creates an ‘Extra Ordinary’ product line from textile remains


The global fashion industry produces 13 million tons of textile waste each year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled. Many brands around the world are undertaking conscious steps to make fashion more sustainable.

One of India’s leading online ethnic wear fashion brands, Aachho has also undertaken a notable initiative, #ExtractTheExtraOrdinary to reduce their overall textile wastage.

“This Earth Day we took a pledge to imbibe sustainability in everything we do. We duly understand that creating fashion consciously is a step forward in the right direction to neutralize our carbon footprint on the planet,” says Rimjhim Hada, founder of Aachho. “So, we are leveraging our capabilities to recycle and reuse the textile remains and turn them into artisanal fashion and interior accessories,” she adds

Under the initiative, Aachho aims to create upcycled products using all the fabric remains from their manufacturing processes.

In their recently launched video, they give a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how they have set the initiative in motion via a streamlined process and plan of action.

As per their design and production team, it all starts with collecting all the leftover fabrics, most of which, comes from the cutting department. The collected fabric is then segregated into lots as per the available size and volume of each fabric. Depending on the designs of various accessories, the lots are divided further and sent for production. The design team uses various techniques including patchwork, to optimally utilize all the remaining fabrics and create chic designs.

“With this initiative by the House of Aachho, we are trying to resolve multiple problems simultaneously. When we make optimized use of fabrics and ensure that nothing gets wasted, we are reducing the wastage and we are also saving our raw material costs,” shares Anurag, Aachho Co-founder.

The stunning range of their ‘Extra Ordinary’ products includes lampshades, diaries, jewellery boxes, pen stands, tissue box holders, dohars, and scrunchies. This exclusive collection of upcycled, artisanal accessories will soon go live on their website,

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