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ESET announces a new range of solutions to partner with Telcos and ISPs


ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced a new suite of products for the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (Telco and ISP) industry, with the aim of offering extensive protection to consumers. Cybercrime is a borderless problem and ESET telemetry revealed that the volume of cyberattacks is increasing, with a trend toward attacks against smartphones. ESET has decided to leverage its leading technologies to create industry-specific solutions to help combat these threats.

“The average internet user does not have any form of protection on their personal devices despite cyberattacks, such as phishing, becoming more common than ever. We believe there is an enormous opportunity for telcos and ISPs in the region to partner with ESET to address this gap and deliver value-added offerings to their customers,” said Andhika Wirawan, Head of Strategic Business Development, ESET APAC. “We are delighted to introduce the all-new range of ESET NetProtect solutions which uses a different approach in protecting consumers, especially families, against various online threats. Instead of using cybersecurity software installed locally on a device, ESET NetProtect scans and blocks threats in real-time at the ISP and Telco level before they even reach the user, effectively protecting everyone who is connected to the same internet connection.”

About the new ESET NetProtect

The new ESET NetProtect can be offered via mobile networks or fixed network connections to protect customer devices connected to Telco and ISP networks (fixed or mobile) against malicious web domains or domain categories such as malware, phishing, and potentially unwanted content. With ESET NetProtect, parents also have full control of their children’s filters through Web Content Filter. The management portal for end users allows them to manage the ESET NetProtect settings of their connected devices, manage their domain whitelists and blacklists, and generate security reports. The security reports give users an insight into how ESET protects their devices and summary information about detected threats, blocked webpages and more.

Thanks to the integration into Telco and ISP network services and existing activation processes, these network-level solutions do not require any software installation on end user devices as they are compatible with any internet connected devices, such as iOS and Android. The solutions are provided as a one-click service activation from the users’ trusted internet provider and automatically provide protection to any connected device. Security tailored to customers’ needs is ensured by offering robust local customer and partner support coverage along with comprehensive protection that is a step ahead of online threats via ESET’s first access to a unique set of malware detected and pooled at a worldwide network of research and development centers.

ESET is owned by cybersecurity experts, the architects of its award-winning, science-based technology. With a presence in over 200 countries worldwide and 13 research and development centers around the world, ESET offers its over 400,000 business customers peace of mind that their interests are protected at all times. ESET also helps protect the Google Play store and is trusted by millions of consumers around the world.

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