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Check out the influential companies that surpass the trillion-dollar valuation mark


In the business world, reaching a trillion-dollar valuation is an elite and rare achievement that signifies immense size, notable success, and significant influence in the global economy.

These companies impact daily life and are often encountered through their products and services. Currently, there are five trillion-dollar companies worldwide, with others having approached this milestone before retreating. PetroChina became the first trillion-dollar company in 2007, followed by the likes of Apple, Amazon, Saudi Aramco, Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta (formerly Facebook), Tesla, and NVIDIA.

Some companies have even surpassed the $2 trillion and $3 trillion marks, including Saudi Aramco, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. These trillion-dollar companies exemplify economic power, innovation, and market dominance, playing a pivotal role in shaping the modern business landscape and influencing global markets.

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