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Government cuts tomato prices to ease consumers’ burden amidst soaring retail rates


The Indian government has taken measures to alleviate the burden on consumers amidst soaring tomato prices in retail markets. They have reduced the prices of subsidised tomatoes from Rs 90/kg to Rs 80/kg in Delhi-NCR and other cities.

“There has been a decrease in the wholesale prices of tomatoes due to the intervention of the government to sell it at a concessional rate of Rs 90 per kg, at several locations in the country where the prices were ruling exceptionally high,” an official statement said.

The move comes as a response to the steep rise in tomato prices, and the government’s intervention has helped bring down wholesale prices in various locations. The initiative began with the sale of discounted tomatoes through mobile vans in Delhi-NCR and expanded to more cities.

“After a re-assessment of the situation from across 500 plus points in the country, it has been decided to sell it at Rs 80 per kg from today, Sunday, July 16th, 2023,” it added.

The Centre sourced tomatoes from different regions through cooperatives NAFED and NCCF. By selling 35,000 kg of tomatoes in the past two days, the government aims to provide relief to consumers and curb the surge in retail prices, which have crossed Rs 250/kg in major cities due to monsoon rains and the lean season.

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