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Months after Seema Haider’s illegal entry, Indian woman crosses Pakistan border to meet lover


An Indian woman has crossed the border to meet her lover even though the investigation into the background of Seema Haider, a Pakistani national, and her unauthorised entry into India is still ongoing.

A married Indian woman from the Bhiwadi region of Rajasthan travelled all the way to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan to visit a man she met and fell in love with there.
Anju, the woman, informed her husband Arvind that she would be spending a few days in Jaipur. However, Arvind learned that Anju had crossed the border on Sunday through the media.

Anju reportedly communicated with them via WhatsApp, according to Arvind. On Sunday at around 4 p.m., she gave him a call to let him know that she was in Lahore and would be back in two to three days. Arvind said that he was aware of the reported Pakistani lover of Anju and expressed the hope that his wife would return to him. Anju works as a biodata entry operator at a private company, and Arvind works in Bhiwadi. Arvind revealed that she had her passport created in 2020 since she intended to apply for a job abroad.

Anju converted to Christianity in order to be with Arvind, and the two of them eventually got married. In a leased flat in Bhiwadi, Arvind lived with his wife, children, and Anju’s brother. She left her house on Thursday under the guise of travelling to Jaipur. She then made her way to Pakistan to meet Nasrullah, a 29-year-old Facebook friend.

A few months ago, Anju and Nasrullah—a medical professional—became Facebook friends. After her travel documents were confirmed, she was released from police detention. PTI reported that “She was allowed to go after all the travel documents were found to be in order. They were provided security to ensure no untoward incident takes place and which can bring a bad name to the country.”

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