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Revolutionizing character design – Unveiling the latest innovations at Da Makeup Lab


In the heart of Mumbai’s Versova locality lies Da Makeup Lab, a revolutionary prosthetic makeup studio that has taken the world of character design by storm. Led by the talented and acclaimed character designer Preetisheel Singh D’souza, winner of two National Awards, and her partner Mark D’souza, Da Makeup Lab has become India’s premier destination for pushing the boundaries of creativity and realism in film, television, advertising, OTT and other industries.

Preetisheel Singh D’souza receiving her first National Award for Best Makeup for the film Nanak Shah Fakir.

A legacy of success

Having completed 10 years in the business of makeovers, Da Makeup Lab’s impressive resume boasts a long list of successful Bollywood as well as Southern movie projects that have left audiences astounded by the level of artistry and craftsmanship.

From period dramas like Padmaavat and Gangubai Kathiawadi (for which Preetisheel won her second National Award) to other critically acclaimed films such as Andhadhun and Mulk, the studio’s work has been instrumental in bringing characters to life on the silver screen. Notably, their artistic contributions have extended to Southern cinema as well, with blockbuster hits like Master and 24 among their accomplishments.

Preetisheel Singh D’souza’s illustrious career at Da Makeup Lab extends much beyond the already mentioned projects. Her extraordinary talent has graced numerous other Bollywood films, where her magic touch has breathed life into characters on screen.

From the soul-stirring drama Mom to the heartwarming movie Chhichhore and the captivating Bala, Preetisheel’s work has left an indelible impression on audiences and critics alike. Her contribution to films like Haider, Bajirao Mastani, 102 Not Out, Rangoon, Thackeray, Romeo Akbar Walter, Bunty Aur Babli 2, Bachchhan Paandey, and more recently OMG2 and Ghoomer, have further solidified her reputation as a master of her craft.

Moreover, her artistic prowess has been evident in the gripping suspense film Andhadhun, the romantic comedy Pati Patni Aur Woh, yet another rip-roaring comedy Housefull 4, the high-octane drama Pushpa: The Rise, and the intriguing revenge saga Chup: Revenge of the Artist. As Preetisheel and her team at Da Makeup Lab continue to elevate the standards of character design, they stand as a beacon of inspiration for the entire industry.

Craftsmen at a facility of Da Makeup Lab.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity and realism

What sets Da Makeup Lab apart from the rest, is their relentless pursuit of excellence and the ability to push the boundaries of creativity and realism. Preetisheel, the creative force behind the studio, is known for her exceptional attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing the essence of characters through makeup and prosthetics. Her transformative work has earned her accolades from actors, industry insiders and movie fans alike.

“The process of character design goes beyond just applying makeup; it involves understanding the character’s psyche, their journey, and the story they are a part of,” says Preetisheel. “Our team at Da Makeup Lab is committed to delivering authenticity and believability through every stroke of the brush,” she adds.

Preetisheel Singh D’souza won the 2nd National Award for Best Makeup for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gangubai Kathiawadi.

Innovations in makeup and prosthetic character design

At the core of Da Makeup Lab’s success lies their pioneering techniques and technologies in makeup and prosthetic character design. Using state-of-the-art materials and equipment, the studio can create remarkably life-like wounds, scars, burns and more. Their expertise in creating prosthetics that seamlessly blend with actors’ features has set new standards in the industry.

Mark D’souza, the business mastermind behind the studio, explains, “We are continuously exploring new techniques and materials to achieve the highest level of realism. Our goal is to create characters that not only look stunning on screen but also allow actors to embody their roles effortlessly.”

A session from The Preetisheel School of Character Design

The Preetisheel School of Character Design

Recognizing the importance of sharing knowledge and expertise with the next generation, Da Makeup Lab has established the Preetisheel School of Character Design. The school specializes in teaching special effects makeup, covering both theoretical and practical aspects. Aspiring makeup artists can learn the art of creating scars, wounds, burns and more, alongside character design and prosthetic makeup techniques.

The launch of the Preetisheel School of Character Design has been met with enthusiasm from students all over India, aspiring to learn from the best in the field. The school’s mission is to impart education on character design, prosthetic makeup and special effects throughout the country, fostering a new generation of talented artists who can continue to push the boundaries of creativity.

Logo of Da Makeup Lab

The road ahead

As Da Makeup Lab continues to make waves in the industry, their upcoming projects promise even more groundbreaking work. With their involvement in the much-anticipated Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Jawan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web-series Heeramandi, and the sequel to the blockbuster hit Pushpa, titled Pushpa: The Rule, their dedication to exceptional character design remains unwavering.

Da Makeup Lab’s relentless pursuit of excellence and passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity is not only transforming the way characters are brought to life but also leaving an indelible mark on the future of makeup and prosthetic design in India. As audiences around the world eagerly await their next creations, there is no doubt that Da Makeup Lab will continue to revolutionize the prosthetic makeup industry, one brushstroke at a time.

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