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Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani share insights on business transformation with 1 2 101


We delve into the world of business growth hacking with Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani, the co-founders of 1 2 101. Their company, aptly named to represent the notion that every entity starts at least at a “1” and aims for “101,” is a dynamic force in the world of business transformation. Discover how 1 2 101 distinguishes itself from conventional consulting firms by actively participating in strategy execution, the unique approach they take to tailor solutions for each partner and their commitment to staying at the forefront of growth hacking. Additionally, explore their ambitious goal to build 100 brands over the next five years and their deep-rooted philosophy of viewing clients as true partners in their journey to success.

Excerpts from an interaction:

Could you provide us with an overview of 1 2 101 and the driving force behind its establishment?

The address for all things business, brand and buck is 1 2 101. Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani, the firm’s co-founders, and the brand’s name symbolize the idea that no brand, business, or individual is zero because if they exist, they are at least at a 1 already. While most talk about reaching 100, we are passionate about going that extra mile to take our partners to a 101 – surpassing expectations and achieving unprecedented growth. 1 2 101 is a dynamic business growth hacking company. Our goal is to help companies develop globally and sustainably. We present a distinctive perspective, serving as dependable business partners and providing tailored solutions that enhance brand positioning and ethos across numerous sectors.

What sets 1 2 101 apart as a “solid business partner” in a landscape where business consulting firms abound?

We are a specialized business growth hacking organization, not a conventional consulting firm. We, on the other hand, follow through with strategy and execution along with pitching, negotiating and closing, whereas most consulting companies assist with planning and strategizing and leave the implementation to the brand team. We regularly collaborate with our brands to reduce expenses and improve working capital flows. In a sense, we serve as their External CEO because we are engaged in both business and brand decisions as well as the development of creative growth strategies. Unlike conventional consulting companies, we take on a holistic role, managing both strategy and implementation. By being thus involved, we stand out from other advisers and turn into real growth partners for our partners.

Can you elaborate on how 1 2 101 tailors solutions to optimize brand ethos and positioning for each client?

At 1 2 101, we base our strategy for improving brand positioning and ethos on a thorough grasp of each partner’s identity. We believe that a brand’s ethos serves as its core and positioning in the market should be genuine to that ethos. We immerse ourselves in the brand narrative, values and vision of our partners to accomplish this. Our process starts with an in-depth investigation of the target market, competitive landscape and market trends for the customer. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we develop specialized strategies that complement the character and goals of the business. From there, we carefully collaborate with our partners to match our tactics with their brand’s narrative.

How do Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani ensure that their team stays at the forefront in the field of growth hacking?

To maintain our team in the lead in growth hacking, we place a high value on ongoing learning and innovation. We promote a culture of remaining up-to-date with market trends and new technological developments. Our team stays on the cutting edge, thanks to regular skill enhancement, participation in industry conferences and promoting innovation. This strategy enables us to provide our partners with innovative, effective methods that take advantage of recent developments in the industry. We are also deeply involved and invested in our partners which constantly keeps us motivated to learn from errors of the past to be able to plummet into the future.

Could you provide insights into any expansion plans for 1 2 101, whether it’s in terms of geographical reach, industry specialization, or service offerings?

It is both ambitious and thrilling because 1 2 101 wants to build 100 brands over the next five years. Such a goal necessitates a proactive approach as well as the readiness to consistently question and challenge our routines. In the rapidly evolving business world of today, we are conscious that adopting traditional approaches may make it harder for us to effectively generate growth for our partners. To pull off this astounding achievement, we recognize the necessity of embracing innovation and staying ahead of industry trends. As the area of business growth hacking evolves, we must remain agile and adaptive while continuously searching for newer, more effective approaches to development tactics.

At 1 2 101, we don’t use the word “client” to describe our customers; rather, we think of them as partners with whom we work to build their brands. Our enthusiasm for empowering businesses to develop and prosper is what inspired us to start 1 2 101. We take pleasure in being the first to create and use this word as pioneers in the field of BUSINESS GROWTH HACKING. While merchandising and consulting are essential components of our job, we go above and beyond these responsibilities to genuinely transform corporate growth.

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