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SETV.W AI: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Big Data and AI for Personalized Medicine and Accelerated Drug Development


SETV.W AI is a revolutionary platform that aims to transform healthcare by leveraging the power of big data and artificial intelligence. The platform is designed to predict diseases accurately, provide personalized diagnoses, and create tailored treatment plans.

The company was founded based on the founder’s personal experience with the limitations of traditional healthcare. SETV.W AI analyzes vast amounts of medical information to predict health risks, allowing doctors to intervene early and prevent illness. It also focuses on personalized medicine, creating treatment plans that target the body’s unique response system.

SETV established the Bhanu Damodar Oncology Research Centre (BDORC), a non-profit research center dedicated to fighting cancer. BDORC prioritizes non-profit research to fuel groundbreaking discoveries in oncology.

SETV Pharma collaborates with large pharmaceutical companies to expedite the drug development process, reducing the time it takes for effective treatments to reach patients. The company specializes in various areas, including targeted drug therapy reagents, research and production of treatments for various conditions, design and synthesis of organometallic ligands and catalysts, supply chain management for amino acids, and manufacturing of peptides.

The company has also developed innovative products like the Super Glucometer, a painless and non-invasive tool for diabetics, and SETV SIMPLEX+, a comprehensive health monitoring system. These inventions empower individuals to take charge of their well-being and promote a proactive approach to health.

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