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SETV-Learn Launches AI Odyssey Industrial Internship: Empowering Careers in Artificial Intelligence


SETV-Learn announces its AI Odyssey Industrial Internship program, a 12-week immersive experience designed to equip participants with industry-relevant AI skills. The program, starting June 10th, 2024, is accessible to individuals with varying experience levels, even those without prior Python programming knowledge.

Key highlights of the internship include:

  1. Mastering in-demand tech stack: Python, ML libraries, Tensorflow, large language models, and prompt engineering.
  2. Real-world projects: Tackling industry challenges and building projects based on current trends in computer vision and large language models.
  3. Expert-led learning: 20+ live sessions with seasoned industry professionals from renowned organizations.
  4. Collaborative environment: Networking and knowledge-sharing with fellow AI enthusiasts.

SETV-Learn differentiates itself by focusing on practical application and industry expertise. Participants benefit from the guidance of leading professionals and work on real-time industry projects. Top performers can join ongoing research initiatives and receive financial incentives.

The program boasts a proven track record, with alums securing internships at prestigious organizations like NASA and DRDO. Graduates gain a competitive edge with a job-ready portfolio, industry recognition, networking opportunities, potential research publication, and letters of recommendation.

The comprehensive curriculum covers various AI domains over 12 weeks, including Python fundamentals, supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms, neural networks, advanced ML techniques, generative models, Microsoft Azure AI, computer vision projects, and text generation with transformer-based architectures.

SETV-Learn’s AI Odyssey Internship offers a gateway to a thriving career in AI, empowering participants to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity in this dynamic field.

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