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Interval Learning Platform Pioneers Personalized Education, Redefining the Learning Experience


Interval, an educational learning platform founded in 2018, is revolutionizing personalized learning, setting itself apart from industry giants like Unacademy, BYJU’S, and Vedantu. The platform has quickly risen to the top of individual tuition services, transforming the educational landscape for students globally.

In an era of standardized education, Interval stands out by focusing on personalized learning tailored to each learner’s unique needs. Unlike competitors who often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Interval prioritizes one-on-one interactive sessions to ensure maximum engagement and customization.

Ramees Ali, the founder of Interval Learning Platform, emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing personalized education to every student, aiming to create an enriching learning journey that empowers and motivates learners.

Interval utilizes a comprehensive assessment test that goes beyond conventional standardized tests, delving into students’ academic strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Based on the results, the platform creates customized learning plans that ensure mastery of concepts and foster holistic academic growth.

Interval’s dedication to accessibility and flexibility further distinguishes it from its peers. While other platforms may offer rigid schedules and limited support, Interval provides exclusive doubt-clearing sessions and personalized assistance to ensure students thoroughly comprehend and retain the material.

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